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Crossing Eskdale Moor

With everything packed it was time to make the trek to our actual destination – a 4-mile hike across Eskdale Moor via Burnmore Tarn towards Wast Water. Leaving Boot we entered Eskdale Moor through what I can only describe as a portal to another world – an over grown shaded path led us away from the happy ‘posh’ campers and mini train enthusiasts into a vast open moorland surrounded by mountains. Peaceful. The walk turned out to be much easier than expected – I was dreading carrying my pack, but I guess I got distracted by the amazing views and also by my feet getting soaked in the bogs… Rosie also stood in a cowpat haha!

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Yorkshire Three Peaks: Whernside

The final instalment of this ‘series’: Whernshide, the highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales standing tall at 736m. Already not doing the challenge, what better way to continue the trend than to take the train from Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Ribblehead!

Arriving at Ribblehead we headed towards the Ribblehead Viaduct where we prepared ourselves for… taking a ridiculous number of photos of the viaduct. Satisfied with the numbers of photos to ensure there’s at least one decent photo, we were on our way.

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Yorkshire Three Peaks: Ingleborough

It’s been a while since my last blog, and it’s a shame really, I do really enjoy editing photos and writing, however I’m still trying to settle in to my new job. To be frankly honest I haven’t actually done anything I enjoy for a while, such as photography, nor been happy. I must admit I feel deflated coming home after work and have no motivation to do much… I won’t dwell on this too much, but I do think it’s really important to be able to identify what you really want out of a job – deep, eh? – for me, I want to be able to go outdoors/travel (yeah everyone’s dreams I know, but basically I don’t just want to be glued to a computer 9-5), be part of a team that can work well together and is sociable/welcoming, and something that is creative. Right, moping and ‘philosophy’ lesson over.

Ingleborough, the second highest peak out of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. As mentioned previously, we weren’t challenging ourselves as such with these peaks, but hiking them to enjoy panoramic views of the Yorkshire Dales.

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Yorkshire Three Peaks: Pen-y-ghent

I guess what I really like about blogging, in my case very delayed blogging, is that it allows me to look back at what I have done and reminisce about good times. It does make me kind of sad though thinking about how times have flown by, especially this summer, but that could be due to the fact that I’m start my new job tomorrow – entering real life – which means limited free time and no holidays that will last more than one week at a time – well definitely no more than the 5 months of holidays you roughly get whilst at uni! Is that why people say university is the best time of your life? Well, I really enjoyed the the free time, and the ability to work at my own place – e.g work, eat, watch tv, chill a bit more, work, more breaks, go into town etc. you get the idea… bit like freelance work I guess… – and obviously the chance to meet so many people (easily) with the numerous societies and clubs. Time for me to stop moping and continue with my explorations, so back to June we go.

So, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge? Nope. Climb Yorkshire’s three highest peaks in 12 hours for those who doesn’t know about the challenge. It was the first time Rosie and I were doing it, so why rush it and miss a great opportunity to capture the Yorkshire Dales! We did a much more relaxing version of the challenge… three peaks in three days – doesn’t exactly sound like an achievement as the challenge, but you would soon forget all of that once you starting hiking.

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Discovering Yorkshire: Harrogate (and An Update on Life)

Back from my trip around Hong Kong and Japan (posts – I am anticipating a lot. Seriously a lot. We* did loads. – to come in the near future) and life is about to get serious. I start my graduate job a week today in Cambridge, but I am not sure whether I am excited or super nervous to start! Hey ho, another city for me to explore thoroughly with my now much limited holidays and weekends, whilst also making the most of visiting Rosie and Europe, as she is now inconveniently and conveniently based in Lyon for the next year! It genuinely feels like this summer, my last true long holiday for the foreseeable future, has flown by!

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Hiking Yorkshire: Malham

Falling behind a bit (a lot I mean) with my write ups (graduation, finding a place to live for September etc…) and this will be my last one for a few weeks, as I travel to Hong Kong and Japan!

So Malham. Ah yes, what is the best way to celebrate the end of finals? A 25km (43446 steps according to my iPhone. A new record!) of course! It wasn’t all too bad actually, lovely scenery – not hard to beat the four walls of my room I have been staring at whilst revising – cows, sheep, animal poo, hills upon hills, what more could you ask for? Better weather I guess, but it gave me an excuse to try out my new raincoat! (Yes I was excited…)

Hmm I tired to draw out the route on Google maps, but it wasn’t really cooperating, so when I get back from my travels I will scan in the map with the route drawn in! Keeping this post very short (another early morning tomorrow and I have a habit of writing these right before I want to go to bed…) enjoy the photos! Not sure How much I like them, edited them with Color Efex Pro from Google’s Nik Collection… I’m just not very good at post-processing/don’t have the patient to endlessly stare at a computer screen!

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Discovering Yorkshire: Knaresborough

One thing I really love about Leeds is not only that it is a wonderful city with lots to offer, but it has easy access to the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and is surrounded by quaint little towns such as Knaresborough, Harrogate, Ilkley and Skipton to name a few. This post will focus Knaresborough… The first time I visited Knaresborough was two years ago, mainly because I saw a picture of the viaduct and thought ‘wow that looks cool’… no jokes… The town is small, but there is plenty to do for a relaxing day trip, especially on a sunny day! Shame, my second my most recent visit was grey and spitting… So what made me want go back? Well, of course the viaduct… and also the fish and chips I had at Drakes (Not the best I have ever had, but still good. Best is Grosvenors in Norwich!) Furthermore, it was just a good escape from revision… I had two weeks to prepare for one exam, it did get a bit boring…

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In and Around Yorkshire

Since I officially finished university, I have been in and (mainly) out of Leeds visiting family and doing much needed exercise in the form of hiking, having spent the majority of the last few months sat in my room writing my dissertation and revising for exams… According to my iPhone’s health app I have already walked more in June than in April and May combined! In fact I have walked more in June than any other month… Time to lose that belly! So far this month I have done a round trip hike from Settle to Malham, and a hike around the Yorkshire Three Peaks – I only got back yesterday – and tomorrow I head off for Wast Water in the Lake District, hopefully to summit Scafell Pike, if the weather permit (posts to come on these trips!).

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Leeds on Film

University life is nearly over and so is my time in Leeds, as I move to Cambridge this September (even though I specified on my job application I wanted to be based in the North… Oh well). With this in mind I just wanted to wander around Leeds and I guess, make the most of my time here and take in the views. All I took with me was my Panasonic C-245AF film camera that I purchased off eBay a couple of days before. Yes, I could have shot with my Fujifilm X-T10 or Nikon F3 and I probably would have, however I stumbled across a photo competition whilst flicking through Instagram to win a Leica M4! I probably have no chance, but it sounds actually quite fun; to take a photo that belies the nature of a basic (crap) camera. It is budget-camera photo competition with only a few simple rules:

  • The photo must be taken on a 35mm compact point & shoot camera;
  • The camera must be worth no more than £10 (Being a cheapskate I didn’t want to spend more than £5 as it probably won’t get much use apart for this competition… I got mine for £0.99 + £3.00 for postage);
  • The camera must be auto-exposure and auto-focus.

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