With everything packed it was time to make the trek to our actual destination – a 4-mile hike across Eskdale Moor via Burnmore Tarn towards Wast Water. Leaving Boot we entered Eskdale Moor through what I can only describe as a portal to another world – an over grown shaded path led us away from the happy ‘posh’ campers and mini train enthusiasts into a vast open moorland surrounded by mountains. Peaceful. The walk turned out to be much easier than expected – I was dreading carrying my pack, but I guess I got distracted by the amazing views and also by my feet getting soaked in the bogs… Rosie also stood in a cowpat haha!


A quick stop at Burnmoor Tarn – around the halfway point – to rest our backs and take in the views and we were on our way again. However, it was not long until we started descending from the moor and was greeted with ‘UK’s best view’ as dubbed by ITV. It was perfect, the deepest lake surround some of the highest mountains in England, and not to mention our campsite was in sight!


Just a little bit further, through the woodland and a dense field filled with ferns and we were there – National Trust Wasdale Campsite (by taking public transport and walking to the campsite inside of driving, we were entitled to a Green Discount, saving us £15 for pitching!). Next challenge: pegging down the tent… there is barely any topsoil around this area so a word of advice, find a massive rock (or bring a mallet…) to embed the pegs and put them in at a very shallow angle!


I was planning on continuing to write about the day – round trip around Wast Water – but eh I have been very slow at it and haven’t posted in a while, so I hope the photos make up for the lack of words!