Not really sure what happened to this roll (expired – 2004 – Fujifilm NPC 160)…  I have no idea what the brownish streaks along both vertical edges are – if anyone has any ideas please drop a comment below! Oh well, what’s done is done. I do like how the fadedness makes it look quite gloomy and moody.

Hmm starting to think I should have named this post ‘When and not to carry a Hasselblad deadweight whilst hiking’. When we set off to hike Scafell Pike it was already drizzling, but being me I was optimistic about the weather clearing up and getting panoramic clear views from the summit… That never happened. It continued to drizzle and eventually  everything became white – we were surrounded by clouds. Not wanting to waste my efforts of carrying my Hasselblad – note I  believe I also had my Fujifilm on me… – I decided what better time to take pictures then when we were lost in the clouds. Probably wasn’t the wisest of ideas taking Hassy out in mist/drizzle and in the strong winds.


Lost on the way to the summit

I believe gear is made to be used and put through some conditions it isn’t made for, otherwise you’ll be missing shots! If I get a scratch or a dent on my Hasselblad will I be sad? Yes probably for a bit, but I’ll get over it as long as it isn’t broken beyond repair. My Fujifilm is really scuffed and I have only had it for just little over a year. You might say I’m careless, maybe I am a bit, but the truth is it is really scuffed because I always have it out and rarely in my bag on my trips, so I could just quickly take a snap if I wanted to. It’s definitely not pretty like a brassed Leica, but it works, it’s mine and I like how it shows what the camera has been through – it brings back good memories.


On the way down

Nothing from the summit unfortunately. Way too cold and just clouds. We literally got there took a few selfies on my phone and started the descent!


Wast Water: Waiting for the clouds to clear


Clouds cleared, sun’s out, time to hike Yewbarrow


Nearly there!


Makes Wast Water look small


Scafell Pike is somewhere behind there


Burnmoor Tarn in the background


On the other side of the mountain

Note: My film was developed by CC Imaging in Leeds, reasonably price and they do mail order as well! Maybe the brown marks were from the development stage?