Time to take my Hasselblad on a little trip. Wast Water, Lake District is one the prettiest places I have been to in the world, but definitely top in England. The scenery is breath-taking, and most importantly there are no tourists around – go to Lake Windermere if you want to people watch. I won’t dwell to much about the actual trip as I have planned for a detailed post in the near future.

There is something about film that I feel digital just can’t reproduce. I’m not really sure how to explain it, but looking at film it makes me feel more nostalgic… The reason for this is probably because I spend more time setting up to take a shot on film than on digital, consequently allowing me to admire the scenery for longer – basically I have more memory of the scenery and time around the photo was taken with film… So why do I still shoot digital?

  1. It’s convenient
  2. I can take plenty of attempts to get the ‘shot’ – kind of contradicts what I said in my post about film…
  3. I can reuse my memory cards – film is expensive. I have like 16 rolls of undeveloped film in my fridge at the moment because I’m broke…
  4. I can tell instantly if my equipment is failing: as you will see, some of my photos have light leaks – shame this didn’t show up on my test roll (previous post). Luckily West Yorkshire Cameras – a great place and where I bought the camera – fixed the problem quickly, ready for Japan!

Shot on Expired (2007) Fujifilm Provia 100F – I got a great deal on expired film:

  1. 2x Fujifilm Provia 100F
  2. 2x Fujiilm Pro 400H
  3. Unopened box (5 rolls) Fujifilm NPC 160
  4. Unopened box (5 rolls) Kodak Portra 400VC

All for £10!

I can’t make a judgement on this film as it was expired, which I believe is the cause of the magenta colour cast of all the shots – I guess I could have corrected it in post-processing, but what’s the point of that with film! Most importantly I’m happy with the outcome! Can’t wait to get the Japan film developed now!


En route to Wast Water: Looking over Burnmoor Tarn


Getting closer to our destination!


Probably my favourite shot of the roll. Also I do realise I need to clean my film for scanning a bit better as you can see how dusty the are…


Looking down the lake – South West I believe



Making our way around the lake via the scree slopes – No idea why I thought it’d be safe to get my camera out on this path (there was not path, the map lied!), one slip and my camera or me or both would just break on the terrain/fall into the lake… But at the time I thought it was great fun! Rosie did not feel the same way…


At the bottom of the lake.


Back towards camp (and Scafell Pike) via the other side of the lake…


In comes the light leaks…


The other side, do you see a path? Where is the path Ordnance Survey???


Next, more Wast Water on Film!