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September 2016

Yorkshire Three Peaks: Ingleborough

It’s been a while since my last blog, and it’s a shame really, I do really enjoy editing photos and writing, however I’m still trying to settle in to my new job. To be frankly honest I haven’t actually done anything I enjoy for a while, such as photography, nor been happy. I must admit I feel deflated coming home after work and have no motivation to do much… I won’t dwell on this too much, but I do think it’s really important to be able to identify what you really want out of a job – deep, eh? – for me, I want to be able to go outdoors/travel (yeah everyone’s dreams I know, but basically I don’t just want to be glued to a computer 9-5), be part of a team that can work well together and is sociable/welcoming, and something that is creative. Right, moping and ‘philosophy’ lesson over.

Ingleborough, the second highest peak out of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. As mentioned previously, we weren’t challenging ourselves as such with these peaks, but hiking them to enjoy panoramic views of the Yorkshire Dales.

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Yorkshire Three Peaks: Pen-y-ghent

I guess what I really like about blogging, in my case very delayed blogging, is that it allows me to look back at what I have done and reminisce about good times. It does make me kind of sad though thinking about how times have flown by, especially this summer, but that could be due to the fact that I’m start my new job tomorrow – entering real life – which means limited free time and no holidays that will last more than one week at a time – well definitely no more than the 5 months of holidays you roughly get whilst at uni! Is that why people say university is the best time of your life? Well, I really enjoyed the the free time, and the ability to work at my own place – e.g work, eat, watch tv, chill a bit more, work, more breaks, go into town etc. you get the idea… bit like freelance work I guess… – and obviously the chance to meet so many people (easily) with the numerous societies and clubs. Time for me to stop moping and continue with my explorations, so back to June we go.

So, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge? Nope. Climb Yorkshire’s three highest peaks in 12 hours for those who doesn’t know about the challenge. It was the first time Rosie and I were doing it, so why rush it and miss a great opportunity to capture the Yorkshire Dales! We did a much more relaxing version of the challenge… three peaks in three days – doesn’t exactly sound like an achievement as the challenge, but you would soon forget all of that once you starting hiking.

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