Back from my trip around Hong Kong and Japan (posts – I am anticipating a lot. Seriously a lot. We* did loads. – to come in the near future) and life is about to get serious. I start my graduate job a week today in Cambridge, but I am not sure whether I am excited or super nervous to start! Hey ho, another city for me to explore thoroughly with my now much limited holidays and weekends, whilst also making the most of visiting Rosie and Europe, as she is now inconveniently and conveniently based in Lyon for the next year! It genuinely feels like this summer, my last true long holiday for the foreseeable future, has flown by!

I am quite behind on posts, and the list of photos and posts to sort out is continuously growing! However, it does mean that I will have quite a bit of material to continue this blog, whilst I get settled into work life before I start travelling again on weekends and days off! Wouldn’t it be amazing to land a job that can combine travel, work and other hobbies such as photography, like with National Geographic?

Right, time to continue on from Malham (my last post)! Jumping back to June, Rosie and I headed up to Harrogate for a little day trip having completed our final university exams. Not much planning to it – as usual with these little trips, we tend to jump on a train and just start wandering – however, with Harrogate Spring Water (apparently the official water for Royal Ascot, fancy eh?) always claiming Harrogate as ‘The Original British Spa Town’ I thought for a second they might have some lovely bath houses to relax as a post exam treat! I was envisaging the Széchenyi Thermal Baths in Budapest that I was so fond of when I visited a few years back! Upon googling, my eyes lit up when Harrogate Turkish Baths popped up, but to my disappointment it only consisted of a steam room, plunge pool and a few hot rooms. Where are the baths, pools and all things water?!? I’m not here to say they are not worth visiting, seeing as it would be unfair of me to judge when I didn’t actually go, but I just thought I might as well just use the sauna and steam at my university’s swimming pool (they are very good I must add!).

Fortunately for us, it was a beautiful sunny day, very hot actually – unusual for the north – so we just wandered around the picturesque town – like with most other Yorkshire towns, for example Knaresborough –  and grabbed lunch at a nearby supermarket and had a picnic within Valley Gardens. Not fans of picnics or it’s just a miserable grey day, then not to worry, Harrogate has plenty of cafes and is home to the original Bettys tearoom (we tried the one in York and I would recommend on experiencing it at least once – it is a little bit over priced though, which kinds of put me off going back – nonetheless still worth trying!). There isn’t an overwhelming amount of things to do in Harrogate, but if you just want a chilled and relaxed day, then head on over as I am sure you will stumble across street markets – like we did – and other quaint little shops!

*Unless otherwise state we mostly means Rosie and I.

I didn’t take too many photos in Harrogate, I just really wanted to have a lazy day having basically finished university… My photos don’t actually do justice for the town: 1. they are all taken at the park, 2. the light was really harsh, and honestly I just don’t know how to deal with it…