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June 2016

In and Around Yorkshire

Since I officially finished university, I have been in and (mainly) out of Leeds visiting family and doing much needed exercise in the form of hiking, having spent the majority of the last few months sat in my room writing my dissertation and revising for exams… According to my iPhone’s health app I have already walked more in June than in April and May combined! In fact I have walked more in June than any other month… Time to lose that belly! So far this month I have done a round trip hike from Settle to Malham, and a hike around the Yorkshire Three Peaks – I only got back yesterday – and tomorrow I head off for Wast Water in the Lake District, hopefully to summit Scafell Pike, if the weather permit (posts to come on these trips!).

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Leeds on Film

University life is nearly over and so is my time in Leeds, as I move to Cambridge this September (even though I specified on my job application I wanted to be based in the North… Oh well). With this in mind I just wanted to wander around Leeds and I guess, make the most of my time here and take in the views. All I took with me was my Panasonic C-245AF film camera that I purchased off eBay a couple of days before. Yes, I could have shot with my Fujifilm X-T10 or Nikon F3 and I probably would have, however I stumbled across a photo competition whilst flicking through Instagram to win a Leica M4! I probably have no chance, but it sounds actually quite fun; to take a photo that belies the nature of a basic (crap) camera. It is budget-camera photo competition with only a few simple rules:

  • The photo must be taken on a 35mm compact point & shoot camera;
  • The camera must be worth no more than £10 (Being a cheapskate I didn’t want to spend more than £5 as it probably won’t get much use apart for this competition… I got mine for £0.99 + £3.00 for postage);
  • The camera must be auto-exposure and auto-focus.

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