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May 2016

Annea Lockwood: Piano Burning

I was quietly revising in my room and Rosie popped in and asked if I wanted to go see a burning piano on campus (11th May, University of Leeds)… I had no idea what she was on about, but went with it anyway. As it turned out it meant exactly that… a piano was actually being burnt.

I am not going to pretend I know what was going on, so here is a description I got from my university’s website.

‘In 1968 Lockwood began to work on a series of sculptural events built around the instructions: ‘set up an upright piano (not a grand) in an open space with the lid closed, spill a little lighter fluid on a twist of paper and place inside, near the pedals; light it.’ Slowly burning, the fire reveals the structure of the piano that has passed its possibilities of restoration.’

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Short Update: More Film

24000 words and 108 pages down, my dissertation is done. Time to subject myself to more writing with this blog… well actually, exams are round the corner so I will keep this post short and swift. As I have been house bound with work for the past few weeks I thought I’d share some of my previous travels, namely my six week trip around North America (May – June 2015), in parts… However, I did not realise the share amount of photos I had to sort out (I only took the photos off the memory card the other day!), over 900 photos for Montreal alone, and I was there for less than a week… that’s what happens when your only camera is a GoPro without a screen, you shoot multiples and hope for the best!  Continue reading “Short Update: More Film”

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